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Money Choices was established in 2008 as a website for Australians to compare bank accounts, credit cards, and loans.

However, we aspire to be much more than just a comparison website. With our blog, Money Hacker, we are actively involved in the online personal finance community. We publish useful personal finance advice, magazine-style investigations, and super interesting and often unconventional articles designed to inspire you and expand your knowledge of money.

We understand that finding the best product for your requirements isn’t easy, and it isn’t made any easier because of the sheer volume of products available and the financial jargon. So, with this in mind, we try to present the information you need in a clear and friendly manner to help you make the best decision faster.

Whether you need to find a 0% balance transfer card to help you get rid of your credit card debt, a car loan so you can get the car of your dreams, a savings account to set aside some cash and build for the future, or personal loan to finance some home improvements, our comparison features may help you save money and time.

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